CBL Solid-lubricating And Maintenance-free Sliding Bearings

Application Notes

1. Use standard designation when designing if possible;

2. Note if there are any foreign matters on the surface when assembling;

3. Do not erase the black or grey phenomenon on the sliding surface caused by the oil film that is formed by the solid lubricant after using;

4. It is good for mechanical operation and running if lay the lubricant on the corresponding friction set before installing;

5. Pressing should be carried out slowly when installing. Do not beat in the event of damaging the bushing or causing the distortion to the bushing;

6. Using proper material in different parts when designing in order to enhance the mechanical properties and prolong the service life of the bushing;

7. It would be better to fix with bolt in high load and reciprocating motion;

8. It is recommended to use stainless steel or plate chrome on the surface of the corresponding friction shaft when working in the water or in the sea.

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